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1. Membership fees, including subscriptions for Appraisal Vol. 11, 4 regular issues and 2 supplementary ones, March 2016 to October 2017.

Individual Subscriptions:

Electronic download (pdf) including the supplementary issues: Worldwide £10 including supplementary issues.

Printed (inc. postage, airmail overseas): UK £21, Europe £31, Rest of World £35

Printed supplementary issues, each: UK £3, Europe  £5.50, Rest of World  £6.50.

Society Subscriptions:

Printed (inc. postage, airmail overseas): UK  £25, Europe £35, Rest of World £39.

Printed supplementary issues, each, as for Individuals.

Institutional Subscriptions:

Printed only and including supplementary issues, payable annually: UK £19, Europe £29, Rest of World £32 .

New subscribers receive copies for which they have paid, of all  previous issues of the current volume published to date.

2. Back Issues

All back issues up to the present Volume can be obtained  as on-line downloads.

On-line Download:

Individuals and Societies only £6.

3. How to order and pay

1. By post and cheque/money order, in GBP only, please go to Subscription Form

2. On-line with credit/debit card or your own PayPal account (via secure link to PayPal): please go to Shop.

Payments for other items (e.g. additional printed copies of Appraisal) can also be made on-line, at Shop, with appropriate amounts and quantities of 'Misc' payments which the Treasurer will send you.


  1.  On-line payments are increased by approximately 5% to include PayPal's transaction and conversion fees.
  2.  All receipts are processed manually and may take a few days to be completed.
  3.  All those subscribing for the download version of Appraisal will receive an email from the Forum followed by one with a password generated automatically by Serif, whose WebPlus6 we use, which will appear to be anonymous. PLEASE SAVE IT. You will need the password to log in to the Members’ pages.
  4.  These passwords will expire after the  publication of issue No. 4 of the current Volume, and will be replaced only upon renewal of subscription.
  5.  For the  Back Issues page, you will receive an email with the html address for the page.